My goal is to ensure that you get maximum entertainment value with as little stress as possible when hosting my magic show for your children’s birthday party.

Here are some things to consider based on many questions I have had over the past 15 years of entertaining children.

Firstly, when I arrive, introduce me to the birthday child. It helps to allay any fears the child might have and gives me an opportunity to have a little chat and joke which will put your child at ease. Kids take a little while to settle down so aim to have all the kids seated 5 minutes before my show begins, that way all the kids get to meet me and become familiar with my personality style.

I would suggest that all distractions are removed from the kids including food, drink and toys. My show is very interactive, the kids will be clapping, calling out, pointing and assisting, it is not the time to be eating food or drinking…that is just not going to work.

I know it can be a little tricky but if any of the children have behavioural issues or special needs it is better that I know that before the show starts so I can accommodate the particular children.

I do ask that dogs be removed from the performing area, even very nice calm dogs, its not about the dog, it’s about my bunny Rabbit. He is going to get super stressed if he sees a dog and I don’t want that.

I think it is always appropriate for parents to encourage good manners and good behaviour. I am there to supply an awesome magic show for the birthday child and make their day special.

I am often asked if I require a table or access to power etc. You can relax because I am fully self contained. I have everything I need for the magic show.

When you book my birthday party show I will send you a complete checklist of things to consider that will help you get the maximum entertainment value with the least amount of stress. I like the saying “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Just a little bit of thought before the party will reap huge rewards on your child birthday.

I hope the above helps a little bit and I hope to see you soon

Magic Glen