Kids Party Games: The Balloon Twisting Party

"The performance was fabulous! It was priceless watching 30 young children rolling around on the floor in laughter. Well done Glen or entertaining all those young children”​​
J Rosengren. Birthday Party

Kids party games should be fun, enjoyable, interactive, safe and above all, where everyone is a winner!…nobody is ‘out’, sitting to one side or a loser of the game because that is no fun at all for children.

When I was thinking about adding kids party games as an option, the obvious choice was The Balloon Twisting Party. Can I just say that you will have a big smile on your face when you see all the amazing creations that kids can make…it is just a really joyous activity. I get so much pleasure from these Balloon Twisting Parties.

A Brisbane Balloon Twisting Party is a creative alternative or addition to a Magic Show, Jumping Castle, Fairy, Pirate or Super Hero Kids Party Games

This activity has everything that good kids party games should have…it’s loads of fun, it is unstructured and that is a very important aspect of this party, the kids get to use their own imagination and creativity without constraints….they love it!

Everyone is a winner, Everyone goes away with a unique creation that they designed and the kids feel really great inside….it is wonderful for self esteem.

With these kids party games there are no wrong designs, that is important and I haven’t even yet mentioned just how colourful all the creations are…they are big, bright, cheery designs and look fabulous. It is a great photo opportunity at the end.

I have run these balloon kids party games at schools, shopping centres, libraries as well as private birthday parties, I have even run these for adult birthday parties. Yes adults, if you want to have a fun event at your birthday party, I can guarantee this will be the talk of the evening.

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Best Kids Party Games Idea – The Balloon Twisting Party

Twisting balloons is just so much fun for children (and adults).

Here’s how my balloon kids party games work;

I bring along a whole load of big, colourful, bright balloons and teach the children how to do some simple balloon twisting and then let them ‘Go Crazy’ making their own Zany, Colourful Balloon Hats… Their imagination will run wild and it is so funny to see what they end up with and everyone gets to take their special creation home… It’s Fun! Creative! and the children feel very special and proud of their unique creation.

Everything is supplied from $350. The Balloon Twisting Party party lasts for 30 minutes and can also be used in conjunction with the ‘Perfect Magic Show’ for a special introductory price of only $200 extra for the Balloon Twisting Party.

It’s Fun, Active, Creative and the children will have a Ball (oon). Hehe.

Please take a look at the balloon kids party games video to see just how much fun the kids and adults are having. Thats another great aspect of this activity, adults can join the kids…it is a real family event.

As far as kids party games go, I don’t think you will be able to find a better option. Most kids party games have a negative aspect where someone is ‘out’ but The Balloon Twisting Party overcomes all the negative aspects of other kids party games and provides a fun activity that lasts for 30 minutes… that the kids and adults will totally enjoy.

I can also offer a balloon twisting workshop where I teach the children how to make simple balloon animals, swords, flowers etc. The kids get to blow up the balloons and under my guidence and instruction make their own creations. This is loads of fun and more suited to older kids of 7+. Younger children can find it a bit confusing so if you want a fun activity for the hard to please 8 year olds and above this workshop may be the answer.

For more Balloon Twisting Options and kids party games please take a look at my other website Here you will find some amazing balloon animals and figures that I can make at your next event. I have done ‘roving balloon twisting’ at shopping centres, festivals, school fete, schools, private parties, weddings and any other event where you want to add some colour, happiness and activity.

Remember, everything is supplied from $350. The Balloon Twisting Party party lasts for 30 minutes and can also be used in conjunction with the ‘Perfect Magic Show’ for a special introductory price of only $200 extra for the Balloon Twisting Party.

For helpful, friendly advice, phone ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Magician on 3300 1741.

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