Kids Party Tips: Here are some simple party tips that will help you plan a successful kids party

Top 10 Party Tips:

Below are the top ten kids party tips. Can I just say this, honestly, even if you do not book my magic show, please feel free to phone me on 0401 457 775 if you are having a kids party. It can be a stressful occasion if this is your 1st big party for your child. I have entertained at 1000’s of kids birthday parties and I am truely happy to share my thoughts with you. Whether you hire me or not, I want your kids party to run smoothly, I want it to be a success, I want to ease the stress of your party.

Below the top ten party tips I have included some further information that I send out to anyone who books my magic show. I send this information out with their best interests at heart. All the party tips are gained from real life, on the ground kids party experience and the party tips are only given to help make their party the best stress free party ever.

1. Get noticed

Tie a bunch of balloons to the mailbox or front door so it’s easy for your guests to find the party.

2. Don’t over do it

Don’t over do the length of the party. 1.5 – 2 hours is usually enough.

3. Protect your pets

I suggest that if you have pets, they be placed in a safe area away from the children. With all the noise and excitement animals can be unpredictable.

4. Send invitations early

Send out invitations and book the entertainment EARLY. Other children also have a hectic social calendar and time slots are limited

5. Get kids active asap

As the kids arrive direct them to a game or activity to break the ice.

6. Prepare the child for the party

Discuss good manners and acceptable behaviour with your child before for the party. How to greet guests and accept presents and what areas are off limits (ie bedrooms)

7. Get a cardboard box for presents

Get a big decorated cardboard box and as the children arrive, put the presents they bring safely into it, so that they may be opened AFTER the party. This way you will know who brought what, so that ‘thank you letters’ can be sent. This also ensures that nothing gets lost or broken.

8. Get help from parents

Use parents who stick around as party assistants. They’ll love to participate and you’ll love it too.

9. Food, drinks, etc.

Don’t serve food, drinks or lollies once the magic show has begun

10. Be ready for the cake

Always know where the camera and matches/lighter are (for the cake)

For helpful, friendly advice, phone ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Premier Magician on 0401 457 775

The above party tips are the tip of the party tips iceberg…we all know there is a lot to consider. I did say that I would include the party tips that I send to every parent who books me. Although these party tips relate to my magic show there are many party tips here that can be universally applied

Important Party Tips for a Successful Party 

If you would like me to elaborate on any of the party tips below to explain why they are crucial for a successful party for your child, please do not hesitate to contact me on  0401 457 775 or email me on magicevents@optusnet.com.au.

Important: The Day Before Your Party – Please phone me on 0401 457 775 to reconfirm.

For a safe, successful party and the enjoyment of ‘all’ please follow these party tips

  • Please introduce me to the birthday child
  • Ensure all children are seated 5 minutes before show start time.
  • No drink or food to be taken to the show.
  • No drink or food to be served during the show.
  • Where possible, food to be covered or out of sight, during the show
  • All party blowers/toys/distractions to be removed from the children prior to show start.
  • 100% shade for performer and children is required for outside show.
  • Jumping castles to be “out of bounds” while the show is in progress.
  • Please advise me of any children who have behavioral problems or special needs.
  • Please limit background noise. i.e. music/parents talking loudly.
  • Please ensure dogs are removed from the performing area
  • Please actively discourage poor child behaviour. i.e. hitting, throwing, fighting, swearing, spitting, being disruptive.
  • Please encourage good manners and behaviour

Additional Information

  • I do not require a table or access to power
  • I will arrive about 15 minutes prior to start time
  • I require about a 2 square metre area to set up
  • Inside is always preferable to outside
  • Please have payment ready as I have several shows per day
  • If you have ordered party bags, please count the number of children prior to finish of the show.
  • As a general rule, I do not carry change.
  • As part of one trick, I ask the birthday child to point out their MUM & DAD…if dad is not there,
  • or you don’t want me to mention dad…please let me know prior to the show.
  • All balloons (dogs and swords) are pre-made.
  • If you have ordered balloons please advise the approximate number of boys/girls a day before the show. Via email or phone.
  • If you have ordered Gold Class show– Don’t forget to email the photo to me.
  •  I am happy to have the kids sit, chat and watch me set up.
  • The Day Before Your PartyPlease phone me on 0401 457 775 to reconfirm.

I love entertaining children and feel privileged that I am able to bring fun and happiness into their lives. I want your child’s birthday party to be the best ‘stress free’ party ever and the above party tips really will help to ensure maximum entertainment value. If you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Well there you have it..plenty of party tips to consider. I have tried to cover some of the issues and the party tips I have given will resolve the issues before they arise.

Kind Regards, Magic Glen – Ph: 0401 457 775

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