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As Magic Glen is one of the busiest kids party entertainment providers in Brisbane you may have to leave a message… but rest assured that he will contact you personally at the first available opportunity.

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    Magic Glen

    I have been involved in kid’s party entertainment since I was a kid and I have always loved making kids laugh, its like a challenge to get kids smiling and one I enjoy so I am in the right job.

    You can rest assured that your kids will be having the best birthday party ever and one they will remember for the rest of their lives

    I hope to see you soon.

    Kids Party Entertainment Information

    If you are looking for kids party entertainment ideas you can’t go past the several options that Brisbane Magician Magic Glen has to offer.

    It is important to constantly update and modify any children’s entertainment shows because what was once funny and acceptable is now not so funny, which is why your favourite Brisbane kids magician regularly review his magic shows and brings you the funniest, most modern magician show available.

    Magic Glen does offer several kids party entertainment options. To make life easy for you there are FREE birthday party invites on this site and if you are having trouble locating them just call Magic Glen and he will send you the direct link to download the invitation and you can print as many as you want.

    Balloon Animals

    kids party entertainmentAnother popular kids party entertainment option is balloon twisting. Now I know it seems like a great idea to get someone to make a variety of balloon animals, and sometimes it is, but mostly for a kids birthday party, based on 17 years in kids party entertainment and 3000 magic shows, I have found that if all the boys get one type of balloon animal and all the girls get a different type then everyone is happy. No arguments, no tears, no disappointments. Because of that simplicity I offer the balloon package very cheaply at only $25 for all the birthday party kids.

    A Variety of Kids Party Entertainment options

    Some other totally different options for your child’s Birthday party are;

    Bubble Show – Its fun and visual and more suited to a larger venue but because demand is quite high for a quality bubble show for kids I am working on a no-mess show that can be done in your lounge room.

    Magic Tuition – I am very surprised that this is not considered when looking for kids party entertainment options. Kids love learning magic. So why not have a magic workshop which is ideal for the older kids of 7+. They will learn some very cool magic and I have some special magic cards they can keep.

    Balloon Twisting Workshop – a fabulous ‘hands on’ active workshop. Ideal for energetic children. Its big, bright, colourful, creative and educational, yes, the kids get to learn some new skills. Definitely consider the balloon twisting workshop…its crazy fun!

    Bubble Workshop – this new workshop idea does require a table and chairs for the kids, so it’s not going to be suitable for every kid’s birthday party, BUT, it is a lot of fun. A quiet activity for the more reserved sort of kids.