Kids Birthday Invitations

"The performance was fabulous! It was priceless watching 30 young children rolling around on the floor in laughter. Well done Glen or entertaining all those young children”​​
J Rosengren. Birthday Party

Magic Glen… saving you time and money with these FREE printable kids birthday invitations.

Many years ago, when I was looking for ‘magic themed’ kids birthday invitations,  I could not find any kids birthday invitations that really looked good, so I decided to design one myself… and it is yours for free!

‘Magic themed’ kids birthday invitations can be expensive to purchase…and hard to find, so here is a good looking ‘magic themed’ free printable kids birthday party invitations for you to use.

Just print these free kids birthday invitations (two or four fit on an A4 Page) onto some good quality paper, fill in the kids birthday party invite details and you are set to go!

Download your printable kids birthday invitations here!. Print them out, fill in the magic party details and you’re set!

Best wishes,

Magic Glen

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