The Birthday Party Bubble Show

Welcome to my unique and fabulous kid’s birthday party bubble show that can be performed in your lounge room or even outside as long as it is not too windy.

The bubble show is a virtually ‘no mess’ bubble show

Your child and all their friends will be mesmerized as they see and feel the soft cascades of the most beautiful multi-colored soap bubbles gently floating down into their waiting hands. Instant smiles, eyes wide with wonder as the next cloud of larger bubbles drift toward them and the bubbles just keep getting bigger to the oohs and aahs of the excited children.

The bubble show is a combination of creating very beautiful and fascinating bubble sculptures and creations that will excite the kids as well as interactive bubble fun that they will absolutely love

Interactive Bubble Show

Your child, friends, and family will be delighted to witness the many amazing bubble creations that they have never seen or ever thought possible. The rarely seen shiny snowy white bubble which your child gets to hold in their hand and they will be amazed to see it act like a tiny volcano puffing a little cloud of vapor into the sky. A string of hanging bubbles dancing and gyrating like a happy caterpillar at a disco will have the kids laughing with joy. These are just a few of the many bubble creation included in this wonderful kid’s bubble show

The friendly bubble show is interactive and several children help create some fun and laughter catching floating bubbles and getting bubble haircut while wearing a foamy bubbly wig much to the enjoyment of all the children.

The Bubble Show combines bubble entertainment and artistic content and I hope it inspires the children to create their own amazing bubbles.

Bubble Show for All Ages

The bubble show is suited to boys and girls of all ages. It is primarily a visual spectacular so it will suit all types of children. They can choose to participate or sit back and enjoy the beautiful colorful soap bubble displays.

Beautiful Bubbles

I have been working with bubbles for many years and I can say without a doubt that soap bubbles appeal to all ages. The swirling multitude of colors that you can see in the bubbles is a result of light reflecting off the inside and outside of the ever-changing surface thickness of bubbles. The colors differ depending on the thickness of the soap bubble film.


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