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Let a Magician in Brisbane Enhance your Child’s Birthday Party

Planning a kid’s party is no laughing matter as a parent, especially when you have to compete with the extravaganza some parents put up. We believe that children should still experience the magic of childhood in the form of a magician in Brisbane. For your child’s next birthday, Magic Glen promises to be your source of exceptional entertainment and constant laughter. We have experience with all age groups and know how to adapt the show accordingly and how to entertain children and adults alike.

Kids Entertainer Brisbane

What You Can Expect from Magic Glen as a Birthday Magician in Brisbane 


The challenge for every parent is to provide a birthday that their child will always remember. Before you panic about the logistics of the upcoming birthday, let us organise the main entertainment for your party so that you can enjoy it as much as the children:

  • We arrive and engage with the children while we set up as they ask questions. Once the show begins, the children remain transfixed as each trick follows the next. The eyes of each child grow wider throughout the 45-minute show. The laughter fills the room as the parents sit back and enjoy the show too.

  • Our goal is for the parent to trust our instincts. We will adjust the show based on the temperament of the birthday child and friends. We have over 15 years’ experience in children’s magic shows. Each child is respected and included during the show.

  • We are professional and keep to the age-appropriateness of each group we entertain. The show is an interactive and exciting experience with a room full of smiles at the end. Our job is to amaze the participants.

Benefits of a Kids Magician in Brisbane


Hiring a magician for your child’s party is an excellent way to create laughter and amusement for children of all ages. Let us show you why it is vital for a child to still believe in magic:

  • A good magician makes the impossible happen. It’s a unique entertainment experience because it produces the unexpected, and leaves the audience speechless.

  • A magician brings more than their bag of tricks. The show also includes storytelling and interactive play with all the participants.

  • Magicians can empower your child and their friends. Whether the child waves the magic wand or answers questions the magician ‘doesn’t know the answer to,’ each child will stand taller with the belief that they helped create the magic. 
Kids Entertainer Brisbane

About Magic Glen  

With over 15 years as a professional kids magician, we will give you value for money when you hire a party magician in Brisbane. Having performed at over 3 000 birthday parties, we know how to make children laugh and how to ensure parents experience a stress-free party, or as stress free as possible. Most of our work comes from repeat business and referrals from happy customers. Please contact us with any questions.