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A Kid’s Magic Show Offers Entertainment and Laughter for Your Child

A kid’s magic show is an opportunity to give your child the birthday of their dreams.
Magic Glen provides entertainment that keeps the children laughing. Learn why we are children’s first choice for birthdays.

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What Sets Magic Glen Apart as a Children’s Magic Show


Laughter is the antidote for our stressful times. A magic show for kids provides a two-hour respite in the confusing world they live in and allows them to slip away into a cocoon of happiness. Experience the powerful impact of laughter on the child and the adult alike:

  • Laughter directs our emotions in positive ways. No matter how the child feels at the beginning of the birthday magic show, they will soon fall into unexpected glee with mind-boggling tricks and unexplained manoeuvres. The child’s cognitive muscles stretch during each trick until another burst of giggles erupts.


  • The birthday child is the star of the show and assists the magician. When they make the rabbit disappear, it creates feelings of empowerment. The children in the audience feel the wonder of the shared experience.


  • During our show, we encourage audience participation as it adds that bit of sparkle to the show. The effect of laughter alleviates stress, offers a boost to the immune systems, and re-energises the body as the child forces air in and out of the body through laughter.


The real magic of our show is the short- and long-term effects of laughter on the children.

Related Services We Provide at a Party Magic Show


We aim to make your child’s party as easy on you as possible. See what we provide so that you can sit back while the party guests are mesmerised by the magic. 

  • You can download party invitations and email them to each invitee. You have a choice of six variations that you can use at your discretion. We have recommendations for the number we like to accommodate, but we have entertained a party of one up to a group of 80. At the end of the show, we give them each a little gift, and you can request party bags for each child at an additional fee.


  • There is another guest named Rocky the Rabbit that the star of the show (the birthday boy/girl) brings to life with a magic wand. All the children have time at the end of the show to pet Rocky.


  • An additional 30-minute option you can purchase is a balloon-twisting workshop. After a few simple instructions, the kids’ creativity is sparked, and they can make hats or any shape they choose.
Kids Entertainer Brisbane

Why You Should Hire Magic Glen

We love the work we do because when children are laughing, the whole world smiles. With over 20 years of providing magic entertainment, we understand each age group. The fun we have performing translates to more fun for the participants. Please contact us with any questions.