Free Magic Tricks for Kids

"The performance was fabulous! It was priceless watching 30 young children rolling around on the floor in laughter. Well done Glen or entertaining all those young children”​​
J Rosengren. Birthday Party

Easy Simple Magic Tricks For Kids

I often get asked if I can teach ‘easy to do’ magic tricks to children (and adults) so here are several ‘free’ magic tricks for kids .These magic tricks for kids are easy to learn and perform and are a great confidence booster to children. The best thing is that you already have everything you need to perform these magic tricks for kids, some craft paper, glue, a pack of cards and some items you have in your cupboards. Learning and making these magic tricks will keep you busy for a while and at the end you will be able to do an magic show for your friends and family.

I do offer private magic tuition for adults and kids where I teach a whole load more than you could ever discover online, including trick selection, misdirection, story telling, presentation skills, communication skills and practical advise based on 20 years of performing experience. All the magic that I teach is technically easy, so that you can concentrate on presenation and entertainment.

Private magic tuition is at my home in The Gap. Cost is $100 for one hour. More than one person can attend for the same price. So 5 kids would only be $20 each.

Private tuition for schools, community groups, vacation care at your venue starts at $350

Give me a call on (07) 3300 1741 if you would like further information about private magic tuition.

Practice these ‘easy to do’ magic tricks for kids and you will be a cool amazing Magician. sssshhh! Don’t tell the magic secret…that’s important.

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The Great Coin Trick

This really is a great coin trick, that will fool adults as well as children, and the most amazing thing is… that it is an easy trick to do and make. The kids will love making the great coin trick, this is my favourite trick.

The Rattle Box Trick

I remember seeing this magic trick as a child and having no idea how it was done. An easy magic trick for kids to learn using simple items from around the house and a fun magic trick to perform.

Floating Cup Trick

This magic trick looks so cool and is an ideal first magic trick to learn. Very simple, lots of fun, a great beginners trick.

Pick a Card & Rising Card Trick

Two very cool card tricks that look like real magic. Learn these two card tricks to make you look like a professional magician, ideal for older children and adults. The method is simple but the effect is very strong. You will have fun with these.

4 Ace Trick

A classic magic trick. Ideal for older children and adults, this magic trick will amaze your friends and family…easy to learn, but will require a little practice. This is the trick you can do anywhere with any pack of cards.


Learn this puzzling magic trick to totally frustrate your friends and family. It is a simple magic trick to perform. Can be done with any 3 cups or glasses. Only you will know the secret to this puzzle.

I hope you enjoy these fun free craft magic activities for kids!

For helpful, friendly advice, ph ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Magician on 3300 1741.

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