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 8 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring A Brisbane Magician

 Is the show age appropriate?

Ask what age group the Brisbane magician works to BEFORE you tell them the age of your child…..Really, one show is not suitable for ALL age groups.

Can the entertainer provide testimonials from previous shows?

Ask to see them! They will give a good indication of the strength of the show.

Do they offer a money back guarantee?

If the performer really believes in the quality of their program they shouldn’t hesitate to guarantee it. (During the past 15 years I have offered a guarantee over thousands of performances and no one has EVER requested a refund)

Listen Carefully.

While the entertainer is talking, do they sound friendly, confident, vibrant, helpful.

Is the person you are talking to, actually going to be the one performing.

If not, do you really know what you’re buying.

Does the show have a structured format for success?

If the entertainer makes it up as they go along it can be a disaster. Ask exactly what the show structure is.

Does the Brisbane magician have public liability insurance?

If they are a professional entertainer, working in your home, with you and your friends’ children then for your peace of mind, they should have current Public Liability Insurance

Before you book the entertainer, ask to see their marketing information to ensure you are getting the type of show that you want.

I hope this helps to ensure that your childs party is a great success that they will remember forever.

For helpful, friendly advice, phone ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Premier Magician on 07 3300 1741.

Magically yours

Glen Rhodes – Brisbane Magician

For helpful, friendly advice, phone ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Premier Magician on 07 330

About Brisbane Magician – Magic Glen

Brisbane Magician and children’s entertainer Magic Glen is a fulltime Brisbane Magician with over 15 years of performing experience, does that make a difference compared to a part time Brisbane magician or hobbyist Brisbane magician who only does a handful of magic shows per year, yes of course it makes a huge difference.

Magic Glen has entertained at over 3000 birthday parties, the experience he brings to your child’s birthday party is not just knowing a few magic tricks but how to engage with children and keep them entertained for 50 minutes. Keeping twenty five, four year olds thoroughly entertained for that amount of time can only come with experience, but not only does Brisbane Magician Magic Glen keep the children occupied, he is a thorough professional, sending you a written confirmation and a follow up phone call so you can rest assured that when Brisbane Magician Magic Glen says he is coming to your party…he will show up!

Magic Glens show is a rollercoaster ride of fun and laughter along with some very cool magic. Adults often comment on what a wonderful time THEY had, as well as the fun time the children had…when you hire Brisbane Magician Magic Glen you are getting the best show that Brisbane has to offer.

To make your life easier and add value to his show Brisbane Magician Magic Glen has free birthday party invitations available, saving you time and money. All the children get a free magic gift where they can learn eleven easy magic tricks for kids, the gift is in the form of a large mystery dollar bill and the children love these bill and hang onto them for a long time….what kid doesn’t want to learn a cool magic trick.

Brisbane Magician Magic Glen has a real live Rabbit in this show, Rocky the Rabbit…Rocky is very cute and is certainly very popular with the children, Rocky loves to be patted, what animal doesn’t. A certain Brisbane magician who does not have a Rabbit…scares people by saying it is cruel….I can say this…and you will see it is true…Rocky the beautiful Rabbit is never in any distress…never!…he has a great life, get lots of attention and pats and is treated like a star…whether he is at a birthday party or at home munching on grass…we all love Rocky the Rabbit!.

Party bags and balloon animals are also available from Brisbane Magician Magic Glen, the party bags are extremely good value and over 30,000 have been given away to eager kids. Balloon animals are also a favourite with children, if you take into account the magic show, the balloon animals, the party bags…the only thing you need to do is supply the cake, some snacks and a drink for the children and you will have the best party in town.

Brisbane Magician Magic GlenBrisbane Magician Magic Glen is 100% reliable and the most experienced and popular magician in Brisbane. If you are looking for a stress free party then look no further than Brisbane Magician, Magic Glen (07) 3300 1741