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Kids Magician – Magic Glen – FAQ

How much do you charge?

45 minute magic show – $300
55 minute magic show – $350
Balloon twisting – $25
Party bags – $3 each

Full show details can be obtained by filling out the home page form… or for helpful, friendly advice, phone ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Magician on 07 3300 1741.

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‘Magic Glen’

When is a good time to start the magic show?

Ideally, 30 minutes after the party has started. All the late arrivals are there and it is a great way to kick off the party. Weekend magic show start times are 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm

Can you perform outdoors?

I can, as long as it is a cool, calm, sheltered environment. Some of my props are very light and can be easily blown away. Inside or an enclosed area is always preferable. It is safer for the children and there will be a lot less distraction

How much space do you need?

About 2M x 2M is fine and an area for the kids to be seated. Most lounge rooms are fine

Do you require a deposit?

No – Just pop the money in an envelope and I will collect it on the day of the party

Is your show age appropriate?

Yes, my shows are customised for each age group.

Can your show cater for more than one birthday child?

Absolutely. I make both children “Stars Of The Show”

Do you need a table or anything?

No, I come fully self contained.

Do you have a live Rabbit?

Yes, all the kids just love ‘Rocky the Rabbit’

Is there a limit to the number of children?

No! I have done shows from 6 children up to 80 children. Most parties are between 15 – 20 kids.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, I carry $20M coverage for your peace of mind.

Do you have a ‘Blue Card’?

Yes, I have a current “working with children check”

For helpful, friendly advice, phone ‘Magic Glen’ – Brisbane Kids Magician on 07 3300 1741.

Magic Glen – Kids Magician

I have been the busiest Kids Magician inBrisbanefor over 15 years. The first Kids Magician in Brisbane to have a website, it’s funny now when I think about it. I do not do any paid advertising, all my magic shows come from referrals or direct from my website yet I am still averaging 10 shows per week. There is a very good reason for that…I have a great product….that parents…and kids…Love!

Experience is certainly one of the things you should consider when hiring a Kids Magician. Being a Kids Magicianor should I say being a GREAT Kids Magician is not about knowing how to do a few magic tricks…I would rate the actual magic tricks quite low on the requirements of a skilled professional…above all else a great Kids Magician must be able to connect with kids, connect with kids, yet still be able to keep the show going in the right direction….and for 50 minutes or more. That is not an easy task and many adult magicians would not even dream of doing a kids show.

Now, I am a Kids Magician! I think I was born to be one. I have been entertaining kids since I was a kid myself. I can’t quite put my finger on it but when I am with kids we just connect…I love hanging out with kids and making them laugh…and now as a professional Kids Magician I get to do, what I love…as a job, not that I even consider it a job. I often thank my lucky stars, on the way home from a great kids magic show, that I have the job that I have…it is very rewarding and satisfying to know that I have added some unforgettable fun to a child’s big day…their birthday.

Of course, not only that, but I have helped 1000’s, yes 1000’s of mums, just like you!.. have a stress free birthday party. As a professional Kids Magician that is also part of my role, to take the stress out of trying to organise 25 children. At the end of the party…you are happy! Why? Because the children have just been entertained by the best Kids Magician in Brisbane…they have been laughing, cheering, clapping for 50 minutes while the parents watch on with a big smile on their face, as we all love to see our own children laughing and a lot of the credit goes to you for having such a fun party. I am 100% reliable. 100% professional and the knowledge that can only be gained from doing over 3000 parties is shared at your party to ensure everything goes to plan.

You know there are not that many good Kids Magician in Brisbane, I know them all and helped many when they first started, some do it more as a hobby, pocket money, some work very cheaply…I have seen one Kids Magician advertising shows for $99 and I guess if you only have $99 to spare then he would be Kids Magician to get…but I remember what my wealthy uncle told me when I was about 9 years old…if something seems too cheap there is usually a good reason for it…and in my adult life I learnt the truth of that the hard way.

I am sure you want your child’s party to be the best it can be, so book yourself a professional fulltime Kids Magician to guarantee that it will be a party that your child will happily remember forever.

As Brisbane’s most popular Kids Magician, just ask around…I am sure just a few questions to your friends and my name will be recommended, I also offer some other things to make your life easier, well maybe not your life, but certainly your kids party organisation easier. Free party invites, free magic gifts for the kids, party bags, balloon animals and some great free tips on hosting a party.

Well, there you haMagic Glen Brisbane Kids Magicianve it….some help choosing a great kids magician

Magic Glen – Brisbane’s funniest kids magician

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